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EARN MONEY TODAY.  This is your chance to save on your Marijuana purchases and to also earn money today by referring others to Viva Buds.  We have all watched as so many others have made money as part of this industry.  Now this is your time.
A warm welcome to Viva Buds, your new destination for premium marijuana delivery services in Los Angeles. Our aim is to revolutionize your cannabis shopping experience, making it as convenient, affordable, and rewarding as possible.
As we embark on this journey, we are thrilled to introduce you to Club Viva, our exclusive membership program. Club Viva membership not only grants you a 20% discount on your personal purchases but also unlocks access to our innovative referral program.
With our unique referral system, every new customer you introduce to Viva Buds earns you a staggering 20% commission on all their purchases. This amazing benefit isn't a one-time offer; it applies to every purchase they make, forever. That's right, the rewards don't stop!
The benefits don't end there. When your referrals introduce new members to Viva Buds, you will then earn 10% on all their purchases and on all their referrals. This means your potential earnings grow exponentially as your referral network expands.
To simplify this process further, we provide you with a personalized QR code that links directly to the Viva Buds website. By sharing this code with potential members, they can quickly and easily join our community, automatically becoming part of your referral network.
Think about the opportunities this presents! You could share your QR code in various social settings, rapidly expanding your referral network. And with our current special of $100 per ounce, reduced to just $80 for Club Viva members, it's an offer that's hard to resist.
To help spread the word, we have a catchy slogan – "Free Pot Now, Ask Me How". Print it on cards, t-shirts, hats, or other promotional items to generate interest and conversation about Viva Buds.
We are thrilled to welcome you to Viva Buds and can't wait for you to start enjoying the numerous benefits of Club Viva. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.
Let's redefine the cannabis shopping experience together!
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