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Premium Cannabis Products

Directly from Farm to Consumer

Pot, marijuana, weed, herb… regardless of what you call it, we want you to enjoy it and tell your friends about it!

Reminiscent of your favorite vacation, we invite you to sit back, relax and choose your experience today…


Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase recreationally or 18 years of age or older with a medical license.

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The VivaBuds Business Model

You tell a friend, then they tell a friend and so on, and so on…. it’s as simple as that!

We are all about customizing your experience and that includes your business experience!

Retail Customer

Enjoy convenience and competitive pricing while shopping from home. Our Retail Customer program is designed to offer you premium cannabis, delivered right to your door. We are convinced that once you have experienced the VivaBuds difference, you will be back for more!

Premium Customer

Just like joining a wholesale buying club, for an annual $100 Club Fee, you will receive access to our premium cannabis at wholesale pricing. That’s a 20% savings on every order! You will also have access to our “Tell a Friend” Referral Program – which means you will gain access to your own website and the ability to earn 20% of every purchase made by Retail Customers who order from your website. That’s a 20% profit just by telling your friends about your VivaBuds experience!


If you decide to Join The Party, you will join as a Premium Customer with the ability to refer your friends to VivaBuds! Your friends can then purchase as a Retail Customer or a Premium Customer – either way, you get paid when people you personally refer order premium cannabis from VivaBuds.

Personal Referral Benefits

If your friend becomes a Retail Customer, you’ll earn 20% of every order

If your friend becomes a Premium Customer, you’ll earn 10% of every order + the ability to earn 5% on THEIR Referral business for 4 levels of referrals.

YOU become a BlazeMaster as soon as you refer a Premium Customer and you have a minimum of 100 in Personal Qualifying Volume ($100 order per month)

+ Your Personally Referred Retail Customers (20%)

+ Your Personally Referred Premium Customers (10%)

But the compensation doesn’t end there…

The Word on the Street

My lack of computer savvy often makes online shopping a challenging experience.......Not with VivaBuds!

Yesterday, I took the plunge and went online to place my first order with VivaBuds. I was fearing the registration process would be tedious and confusing when in fact, it was clear, concise, easy to navigate and very straightforward.

I shopped through the site, read descriptions of each item and made informed selections. They explain each product by "how it makes you feel" rather than with scientific text.

The checkout process was very easy. I chose my desired delivery time (there are 2 hour window choices) and I had ample opportunity to review and/or edit my purchases before clicking the "Process" button.

Now, will I actually get my delivery on time? Yep!!! I chose the 2-4pm window and the driver showed up at 2:30pm.

The driver couldn't have been any more professional and kind. He verified my driver's license, processed my credit card, handed me a beautiful black Logo bag that included my itemized receipt and, that was that!

Thank you VivaBuds for making the online shopping experience so simple!

Cindy K.

I really enjoyed my first experience with Viva Buds. First the order system is easy to fill out online and the driver was nice as can be. I tried the Hybrid and it was perfect! I would definitely recommend to my friends.

Kevin K.

As a frequent customer of online canibus delivery service, i found the ordering process with VivaBuds to be simplistic and smooth and very easy to use! I cannot wait to get my first order! The vape is amazing. Rivals the heavy hitters and it tastes amazing too!
The Flower is really good quality stuff, it is incredible! Can't wait to share it with some and get them to sign up!

Traci S.

I shop online for everything. I like simple and fast! Purchasing with VivaBuds online was the easiest online shopping experience I have had offering same day delivery if order placed before 11:00 am - awesome!!!

Registering to purchase was simple with clear instructions to upload Drivers License and/or Medical Cannabis Card (I have been known to be challenged with this step). Products were described clearly which made the next step simple.

Click on product of choice, choose delivery time (2 hour window) up until 8:00 pm and continue to the cart where there is an itemized total and bada bing mission accomplished!

I chose the delivery window 6-8pm. At 6:00pm I received a text message that the driver would be arriving in approximately 15 minutes which he did. This enabled me to be ready with my credit card and drivers license. Driver was very pleasant - appearance and personality. And again bada bing had my order with detailed receipt!

Stacie Z.

About VivaBuds

The genesis of VivaBuds began many years ago during the early days of marijuana distribution. Back then, it was sold primarily from friends to friends. Over the years we have watched as marijuana has become more socially acceptable and the distribution model has gone mainstream with marijuana being sold in stores and sometimes delivered like pizza!

Our founder, Don Steinberg has watched as this industry has matured over the years and in 2009, Don founded Medical Marijuana Inc. It was the first marijuana company ever to be listed on the US stock market. However, Don was a bit ahead of his time and eventually decided that it was not the right time for marijuana distribution and transitioned out of Medical Marijuana Inc. a few years later.

In 2015, Don founded MCOA: Marijuana Company of America to take a closer look at how and where to enter the marijuana industry legally. With recent changes in legislation and his eyes on opportunity, he decided now is the time to move forward and fully develop this business.

Don realized that most of the cost of marijuana is attributed to the large mark-up that dispensaries and delivery systems put in place. The VivaBuds vertical integration business model allows us to go directly from farm to customer without the middleman mark-up, all at a cost savings to the end consumer. At the same time, this distribution method embraces the success of the “Tell a Friend” approach, which allows everyone to earn income from sharing the VivaBuds opportunity with their friends.

To accomplish his goal of creating an integrated supply chain, Don had to first get all of the licenses and relationships in place to be fully compliant. This includes assembling a team of attorneys, accountants, operations and logistics experts, in addition to forming a partnership with Northern Lights Distribution of Lynwood, CA. (Adult use and medical use distribution license: C11-0000154-LIC)

As Don says; “The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do was give people access to premium marijuana at a fair price. If we can all make a little profit out of this business, then we make everyone happy!” We invite you to join us in making his vision a reality.

VivaBuds: Blazing the trail by providing premium cannabis products directly from farm to consumer using a “Tell a Friend” approach.

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